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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 21, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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whwhwhwhee h h h hsese.. hahappppyyyyananukukkakahh t t h viviewewererss ♪ ♪ president clinton right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> a factor cable news exclusive. president bill clinton enters the no spin zone. is class warfare a legitimate political strategy? >> it's all we hear is tax the rich, tax the rich. tax the rich: where does president clinton differ from president obama. >> what i -- said this long-term debt is going golden globe to kill us. >> bill: what about the republic candidates. >> you work with newt gingrich. you respect him as a man? [pause] >> the clinton interview leads the program. >> would you send the capitol police down to arrest him. >> if you had to or instruct the justice department to send the u.s. marshall. >> bill: newt gingrich will be here this evening to defend his criticism of the supreme
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court and federal judges. >> ho ho ho merry christmas. >> bill: also, santa claus banned in a massachusetts school district. you are not going to believe this one. is it legal on the case. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. happy hanukkah to everyone across the world. the festival of lights begins this evening no talking points memo because we have a big big interview with the 42nd president of the united states, bill clinton was ho has written a new best seller called back to work. we have been trying to get mr. clinton on the factor for years and tonight it has finally happened. what i want to do here tonight, mr. in the, is solve the nation's problems here. you and me we can do it.
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>> we can do it. >> bill: are you up for it? >> i'm up. >> bill: what is this on the country. what is this we didn't see this during your administration. >> i don't look at it as class warfare. if you look at what's happened over the last 30 years the middle class has lost ground. even before the collapse, before the financial collapse, median income was $2,000 a year lower than it was after inflation when i left office. so i don't mind paying more taxes but because i think i got the benefit of the tax cuts under president bush and the benefit of being in the top 1% my income went up. that won't solve the problem. that will help us balance the budget when there is growth again. we have to change the whole job structure of america. we have got to basically reorient our economy toward the future. that's the real answer. >> bill: that's not what's being discussed. what's being discussed by some elements on the far left is the 1%ers. me and you. he we are not paying our fair
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share. i think i am paying my fair share. i didn't mind paying what you had me at. i didn't mind paying you that among you obama and bush who had the highest tax receipts of all three of you? do you know? bush under prosperity tax cuts under bush more money flowed into the federal government. irskin bowls comes back and says cut. what does obama say, the president say? no. >> if you look at what the bottles simpson commission recommended i think there were a lot of great things in that report. >> bill: why didn't the president take them. >> well, i don't know the answer to that but i think the -- what bowls -- bottles simpson did is what should be done. they said this long-term debt is going to kill us. we have to deal with it adopt some short-term strategies to get growth going and then have a long-term debt reduction package. that's what i think we should do and i think it will work.
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>> bill: i was surprised the president didn't embrace it because it gave him a pathway out of the mess and that's where we are right now. one more question about the class warfare, are you really convinced this democrats aren't playing this card? that's all we hear is tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. i don't mind paying 40% and that was the high under you. bush cut it back down. but i don't want $400 billion going to solyndra and it's bankrupt. am i crazy? >> no but i think the idea of moving to a more cleaner energy future and cleaner energy makes smart sense. >> bill: love it? >> what happened to solyndra was a unique case. with the chinese producing more and subsidizing more and with americans in the business of doing more, the price of the traditional cells dropped so much that it became an uneconomical thing i personally prefer tax credits for people who produce it because then if you and i have
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a different technology we are on equal footing. >> in your book you say the key to getting the economy started is to get the banks to start lending money how are you going to do that? you can't force the banks to lend money. >> no. first i say there is two big pots of money that don't run up the deficit. banks and corporate treasuries. i recommended in this book that we essentially let corporations repatriot more tax if they hire more people with it. if they pay the capital gains rate they can do whatever they want to and we should take that money and seat an infrastructure bank and take private capital. most other countries let private investors and from all over the world invest in infrastructure and just use their government funds as the base to attract a private capital. >> bill: right. >> i think that makes a lot of sense so you could do that. >> bill: okay. now, 28 attorneys general don't want obama care. suing the federal government. 28 out of 50. all right? i want you to make a prediction. is the supreme court going to
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overturn that? i doubt it, i hope not. >> bill: i know you hope not. democrat, nice guy. federal mandate big trouble in the constitution. isn't that a hinge. >> i look at it differently. look at pure economics. the people defending the status quo are defending the system that is the only system in the world that charges 17.5% to ensure income every year to ensure 84% of the people. no one-know other rich country in the world spent more than 12% of income to ensure 100% of the people and we don't get better health outcomes. we are spotting our competitors a minimum of $850 billion a year. it's terrible economics. >> bill: you know the solution to that let the insurance companies compete statewide. let everybody get in the game drive the price down. >> let your insurance company compete across state lines. >> that's right. in other words, create a national market for insurance
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you are saying we should create a state-by-state choice. >> bill: can't let them regulate what happens there but let everybody compete. again your party doesn't want that. >> that's one place where i agree with the republicans. >> bill: i think you are going to have to defect here. that's what i'm hearing here. >> no, no. >> bill: you might have to defect. >> that's the conservative position. the individual mandate but i do believe that insurance companies should be able to compete. >> bill: businesses you know they are going crazy. nobody wants it in the business community. >> nobody knows once they have been told about it we have taken enough to get through it there is no reason we couldn't have -- the idea that we have to spend 50% more than any other country on health care is nuts. >> bill: i'm agreeing with you. let it go into the free marketplace you will drive it down. now i have got to give you a hard time on the border. are you ready for a hoard time on the border. you took office 934 and a half
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million people coming across the border. you left office. 7-millimeter people a year coming across the border. why couldn't you secure it? >> because the economy got better. it's a long border. we had a fence, you know in san diego. and it worked? >> it worked pretty well. >> bill: why didn't you put it in brownsville all the way through? >> because, for one thing, back then even the texas republicans didn't want it you could have done it by executive order. >> moving back and forth across the rio grande. >> bill: i was upset. >> it's a mistake. if you think we ought to build a whole fence tough to secure it. >> i do think the federal government has let us down since 1984 in the sense they have not secured the southern border and they could have and they didn't. guantanamo bay, do you close it? >> i'm not sure i know enough to know that. >> bill: have you been there. >> i don't believe i would have ever opened it in the first place but i would like to see it closed. >> bill: where are you going to put all these captured
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terrorists overseas? where would have you put them? >> well, i think there are places they could be kept in america. >> bill: as soon as they go on american soil they have the rights of the american people under the constitution. and these are. >> bill: that's not necessarily true. i have a big difference of opinion about what the law should be. i might have tried to change the law on that. >> bill: okay. today vice president biden said, actually it was printed today but he told "newsweek" magazine the taliban is not an enemy of the united states. since you had to deal with the taliban, training al qaeda before 9/11. you certainly know what the taliban is all about. and i believe that the vice president is wrong am i wrong? >> i don't know that they trained them but they certainly gave themselves safe haven. >> bill: no doubt. >> they would give them safe haven again if they were free to operate in afghanistan. >> bill: absolutely. >> one of the reasons i supported our mission there. i think what the vice president probably was saying
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is al qaeda was our affirmative enemy. they were trying to kill us in america. they were trying to kill us in iraq and elsewhere and africa and lots of other places. and the taliban itself had not conducted out of area operations against us. that's probably true. that doesn't mean that i think we should not be really concerned if they were to govern afghanistan. >> bill: again? >> one of the things that i would be concerned about and always have been with the taliban is how miserable they made life for some women and little girls. >> bill: absolutely. >> that this down right abusive thing. >> bill: it's evil. >> bill: now, one correction i misspoke it's 500 million for solyndra, not a billion. now, in part two of my interview with president clinton, we will find out what the president thinks of newt gingrich and mitt romney. and then crowley and conels will analyze the interview. also tonight mr. gingrich will be here to respond to the
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>> bill: continuing with president clinton whose new book is back to work. okay now president obama, his chances to be reelected are, i would say 50/50 at this point would that be fair. >> i think they are a little better than that. >> bill: why would you think that when post of the polls show his approval in the low 40s and most people 60% feel the country is heading in the
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wrong direction. >> his approval suspect in the last few weeks and this payroll tax where is he for it and it looks like the house may not be. bill will that's transient. >> their approval rating is down to 11%. let me also say because i think he is out there running against himself. as soon as he gets an opponent it will be for the next four years. >> anyway no matter who it is. you work with newt gingrich? you respect him? >> i respect his ability to think and do and i eventually hammered out a reproductive relationship with him. >> bill: do you respect him as a man? >> i don't disrespect anybody who works with me in good faith. i think he was way more political than i would have been. he he defended what he called
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scorched earth politics and i certainly was the beneficiary of it. >> did he use unfair tactics on you? >> it depends on, you know, not in his mind. >> bill: in your mind? >> i don't think about it like that. i either liked it or i didn't. >> was he an enemy of yours while you were in the house? >> >> until he got to be speaker and until the government shutdown changed the public mood. >> bill: daytime. >> we worked together five years. >> would you would you veto for him. >> know would vote for obama. >> bill: take the president out of the equation a good democrat. why wouldn't you cast a vote for newt gingrich? >> i can't take that out of the equation. i believe in a whole different direction in energy policy. i think the president has done a good job on foreign policy. i think that we have got a
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better economic strategy now going than one is he likely to implement. i thought the best thing he said in the campaign though gingrich what he said two debates ago in the foreign policy debate that how this immigration issue should be handled. then the very next day he said he didn't like the ninth circuit decision so he wanted to get rid of the ninth circuit and mentioned some other decision. going to fire federal judge. >> bill: is he on this program tonight gingrich. he is coming up behind you. >> i bet he will be very entertaining. >> bill: we challenged him on. this when we were working together, i enjoyed it. and i think he has a lot of knowledge and i think he comes up with some quite creative ideas. the primary, the purpose for the primary is to test everybody's strengths and weaknesses. everybody has strengths and weaknesses. and this is actually got interesting dynamic now between newt gingrich and
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governor romney. >> bill: what about romney? do you know him? >> a little bit. i always, unlike you, i like the massachusetts health care bill. the massachusetts system is more expensive than the rest of the america. but it was before the health bill passed. inflation and health care costs have been less than in the country as a whole since it passed. >> bill: if you had to vote between romney and gingrich if you snuck up to new hampshire because anybody can vote in that primary you go for? >> i am not going to get in that republic primary. [ laughter ] >> no way you can ask me any kind -- i also like huntsman if i voted for him i would be in the 1%. he arguably has the most consistent conservative record. >> bill: when your wife is running against barack obama in new hampshire and this must bring back memories to you, the press favored obama; correct? >> i think, -- yes. >> bill: no doubt about it i don't think there is any doubt that the american press favored barack obama over
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hillary clinton in the primaries. now, is that going to happen again? is the american press going to favor barack obama over the republic candidate? >> we have to wait and see. >> bill: you know the answer is yes. now my question is why? why does the american press favor the more liberal candidate. >> i think there was more to it than that last time. >> bill: they didn't like your wife because of what reason? i'm not going there. she is the secretary of state. nothing i say can be helpful on this. yes i have an opinion and i'm going to keep it to myself. >> i respect that but you obviously have thought about this. and you have thought about the media and how it handled the primary, the democratic primary last time. can i see it in your eyes and i respect the fact that you don't want to burn any bridges here. but there is and you are on the fox news channel now. you are in the no spin zone. this channel was created
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because of the labyrinth that the media had set up that was largely liberal. you were a beneficiary of it too. against bush the elder. and it still is there to this day. so generally speaking, why is the media more liberal than conservative? >> i don't know that it's always been that way. for example in 1992 when i ran, i was hardly -- i was hardly the beneficiary of it in the primary not in the primary but in the main you were. >> i was the flavor of the day. you know they always like what's new. they always like a conflict and a story. nothing i say will contribute to anything good happening in america. so i am not going to contribute to that. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. the book once again is back to work and we appreciate the president taking the time we posted the entire interview unedited on bill o'
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directly ahealth head crowley and coleman will analyze that interview. newt gingrich will remarks of federal judges he wants to hold them accountable and hold out u.s. marshals to do if he were president moments away.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight monica crowley and alan colmes. did you like that. >> very nice of you to give me the translation. >> bill: back and forth. >> only one that won't come see you is dick cheney. he avoid the of the draft, too. >> bill: cheap shot. i didn't cheap shot clinton ever. >> quite substantial and i
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urge people to go to bill o' i saw the whole thing very very good. >> bill: very wonkish though. >> lot of wonkish stuff in it but you and he sparred very well. >> i thought it was outstanding, very thoughtful interview. you extracted so much information from him. i have never seen that kind of interview with bill clinton, ever. what i also found interesting couple of things talking about bowls simpson and the long-term debt problem what i thought he he missed was he real opportunity to say look when i was president we had a balanced budget in large part because of newt gingrich and the republic congress that put real restraints. >> he wasn't going to say that. >> no. he he could have talked about the fact that he did produce a balanced budget and the fact that obama refused to even entertain any of the path laid forward bye by bipartisan commission. >> i was reading him as i was interviewing him. that was the one that he had the most trouble with, colmes, because i said well, why
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didn't? bowls thing and simpson thing. what's the matter with this guy? >> he could not answer that not trash talk mrs. obama. he had a guy. newt gingrich as he pointed out in that interview worked out together and got along with obama a congress that wants nothing to do with it? >> president obama put together the bowls simpson committee and it came back with, i think, very reasonable, very reasonable economic suggestions. all right? >> bill: president obama said absolutely i am not going to take any of this. and clinton i believe was stunned by that. actually stunned. >> dlint, i think was willing to do things that most democrats would not do. >> including, for example -- >> he was for a national competition among insurance companies. so he was willing to do things but i do believe that this
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congress really hated. they were for 'before they were against it. >> bill: it president obama had taken the simpson bowles suggestions, republic house could not have gone up against that it would have been political suicide. >> bill: that's exactly right. you are touching upon the difference between bill clinton and barack obama. bill clinton is a political animal. he is a brilliant brilliant political strategist. the thing that was important for bill clinton is to get reelected. he did what he could with the republic congress. he did welfare reform and balanced budget. barack obama is the exact opposite. obama is a pure leftist idealogue. >> alan: that's ridiculous. >> bill: wait, monica. >> that's not true. >> bill: i'm going to give you a reply and you can finish. you have to give me an example because what she is saying is pretty much. hold on, go ahead. >> let me finish my case. barack obama did socialized medicine which is so
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constitutionally dubious that the supreme court is going to have to decide it in fact, president clinton didn't even have a good answer for you on the constitutionally -- constitutionality of the individual mandate. he did the stimulus. he busted the budget, unprecedented spending, record breaking deficits and debt. take as plan from his own commission and throws it right away. this man is 100% committed to in his own words fundamentally transforming the country even if it cost him the presidency. >> that is so absurd. >> give me an example of what president obama did like bill clinton did. >> for example giving up on health care the idea of public competition, agreeing with congress that wouldn't have a public option. single payer earlier in his career wanted. gave up public option. kept guantanamo open even though he have to. he continued to compromise with them and keep the bush tax cuts. a list of things. >> bush tax cuts is the one thick he did do. >> things he did compromise. >> ever ask him if he would
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consider voting for newt gingrich and barack obama. i want to go into the voting booth. >> bill: he is. >> are you sure? >> bill: yes i am. bill clinton is the face of the democratic party, wouldn't you say so? >> when he came in here, the line to get a picture, you know, this isn't exactly liberal central. everybody wanted. >> he is a former president of the united states. >> bill: no, no, no. other former presidents in here and the reaction hasn't been that big. he is the face of the democratic party. thank you both. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening he would hold federal judges accountable for rules. former speaker will be here. booted out of a massachusetts school district. you won't belief the outcry. is it legal on that. we hope
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you may know reinterviewed mitt romney
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last night only fair we bring you newt gingrich this evening. latest poll has romney and gingrich tied. the speaker joins us now from iowa. so, you may know that i criticized you as week for saying that you would hold federal judges responsible for the decisions and that you may even bring the u.s. marshals in to bring them to washington if you were president to explain what they are doing. was i wrong in that criticism? >> well, i think that basically the situation i was asked about would be the equivalent of an impeachment. clearly in an impeachment situation the congress has the authority under the constitution to compel the judges to show up. i was simply explaining the constitutional provision that exists which does allow the congress in circumstances where they are questioning the judges to ensure that they show up. you know, people have blown this way out of proportion. there are cases where you have to rebalance the powers between the branches and those cases the congress and the president have the authority to it respond to the courts.
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there is no supreme court over the president and the congress. that's a fundamental misunderstanding of the law. that's the key point i drove at. we have a paper at that outlines precedents that go back to madison, jackson, lincoln and fdr. i think we have a pretty good case historically for what i have laid out. >> bill: the mistake you made with all due respect is that you used a little guy biery, guy in texas who made insane ruling that you can't say amen at a graduation. now, look, this guy was overturned. he doesn't know what he is doing. but you can't have congress involved with foolish decisions at that level and that's the guy you pointed to. so that's where people won't whoa. >> why not? >> bill: it's not the government's business until it gets out of control. they overturned the guy in 10 seconds. >> bill, they didn't overturn him in 10 seconds. he cost the school thousands
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and thousands of dollars. you just said it a judge sitting on the bench who made insane decision. your language not mine. why do the american people have to tolerate an antireligious bigot sitting on the bench? >> bill: because the system has a way to neutralize that guy and it did. see, look, this is again with all due respect. you came off as impeerist in this. people have that perception of you anyway that if you were the president you are going to do pretty much what the heck you want to do. and people going whoa, wait a minute. >> no? >> bill: no? >> no. first of all the only case i indicated i would directly intervene as the commander and chief is in the case where the courts have grotesquely overreached and suggested that american civil liberties extend to noncombatants on a battlefield. that has never ever been part of the american system. it is a grotesquely dangerous decision and i think the commander and chief has the responsibility to protect the
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united states in a situation where the court has clearly gone too far. >> bill: and i agree. >> that's a case well worth debating. >> bill: i agree. that's exactly point to abraham lincoln in your debate. as you know i have a best seller now about lincoln. what lincoln did was he issued executive orders emancipation proclamation the most famous. all right? and he challenged the supreme court to overturn him but he worked within the system. he didn't haul them in which he could have done in front of congress and said you have got to impeach these people because they are saying that black men and women are cattle, are property. he could have done it but he worked within the system. >> right. but at the same time, the other -- the example would relate directly to lincoln. you are exactly right. on the other hand, the question of whether or not you have control over the judges' offices goes back to jefferson and madison. they eliminate 18 out 365
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federal judges, over half the federal judges are abolished. i'm not arguing for a specific case although i think biery is such a clearly antireligious bigot that he ought to at least be looked at. there are way fors for the congress and the president to rebalance the system. you don't have to tolerate judges running over our liberties in ways that are very dangerous. >> bill: okay. now we are going to hold the speaker over for another segment. i want to talk about the campaign and the polling and all of that. santa claus not wanted by a massachusetts school district until the community rises up. is it legal straight ahead.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly.
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continuing with newt gingrich from iowa where is he campaigning. front page article in the "new york times" today saying the anti-gingrich ads running in iowa right now are hurting you. do you see it that way? >> absolutely. when you have millions of dollars of negative advertising saying all sorts of things that are untrue, you bombard people with robo calls that are negative. direct mail that is negative. people out here are sick of it. i have been campaigning the past two days asking people a simple question would you like a positive campaign or politics as usual with niecing they n.i.v. ads. overwhelmingly i have very large crowds. overwhelmingly people telling me they are sick of these ads. by some time next week the ads will be counter reproductive. they will be quite clear. that's why i encouraged governor romney to tell his super pac they have $400,000 of negative ads lined up in iowa next week. i challenged him to get that super pac to run positive ads and see if he can compete on a positive basis rather than try to tear down my candidacy.
2:41 am
>> bill: i wanted to be clear. you do see that these negative ads and there are tons of them taking their toll and taking support away. >> absolutely. >> bill: we had bill clinton on the program. >> i wouldn't vote for the guy they are describing bill. >> bill: no. >> i wouldn't say i wouldn't vote for the guy they're describing. >> bill: i think the voters of iowa are all over bill. >> by january 3rd it will be fine. >> bill: the voters are smarter than that. they know what it is. we had bill clinton on the program up top and we talked about you. and reading his body language -- he didn't say anything bad about you. but i did ask him do you respect newt gingrich as a man? the long pause. and he kind of -- he said i respect his intellect is basically what he said. i want to hear from your point of view. >> yes. >> bill: bill clinton, do you respect him as a man and does he have a good view of you and
2:42 am
what you tried to accomplish when you were speaker of the house? >> i think to compare him to barack obama, there is no comparison. bill clinton had been governor for 12 years. he knew how to work with the legislature. he tried to move his party closer to the center with the democratic leadership council. we had a relationship where i had to pass a bill or couldn't get to his desk and he he had to sign it or it wasn't going to become law. we negotiated welfare reform and it worked. we negotiated a tax cut and brought down unemployment to 4.2%. we negotiated four consecutive balanced budgets. i think you would have to say that there was something going on there that allowed a liberal democrat and a conservative republic to put the country first in a way that unfortunately president obama can't find. i also have to respect president clinton. remember, his wife is in the cabinet. he has -- he is a loyal candidate. i really like newt gingrich a lot and vote for him over obama.
2:43 am
he can't do that he he is committed to obama. >> bill: he liked the bushes and more bullish on bush the elder than he was on you. i want your opinion on it. it's important. do you respect president clinton as a man? >> first of all he beat bush the elder. first of all i respect bill clinton. he has had a long career. he has been very durable. he has done very positive things with his post presidency. you have to say is he a very serious person and whoin who has worked very hard. good for easy for him to be good about the bushes they are not running against president obama. is he not going to give you a quote to use next summer to draw not democrat democrats away from mr. obama. >> bill: thanks for taking the time. when we come right back, is it legal on santa claus being disrespected and whether the legal ladies think newt gingrich has a point on the federal judges. legal is next as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the
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world. dg>úú
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, is it legal? what do the legal ladies think about newt gingrich and the federal judge controversy? here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. wiehl has a new book out called the truth advantage. the seven keys to a happy and fulfilling life. very, very good. okay. some day we will talk about that wiehl but not now. is he too happy right now. >> happy and fulfilled. >> bill: all right, look. the speaker basically contends
2:48 am
that something has to be done about activist judges that he he were president would hold them accountable in the sense that they would have to explain what part of the constitution they base rulings like you can't say amen in a graduation ceremony you say. >> no, you can't do that. they explain their rulings in their rulings. >> bill: that's good enough. sometimes their opinions are not based on the constitution but some wild ideology. >> that's your opinion. what you have them appear before congress another coequal branch and newt gingrich went on to talk about that he said really the judicial is really not a coequal it's the weakest of the three branches. that's not how our founding fathers saw it. they saw three coequal branches checks and balances. >> bill: what's wrong, guilfoyle with some nut judge out in san francisco where you used to live. >> of course.
2:49 am
>> who makes a ruling most likely overturned coming into watt. we are showing this guy's picture. this guy was in texas. graduation ceremony you can't say amen. everybody is going, what? you don't have the power to do that. >> he was overturned. gingrich wants to wring that guy in and explain to the congressional committee an overnight committee what he did and if he doesn't have an explanation, if his written explanation is that lame, then start impeachment proceedings. >> i like the idea of it in terms of holding judges and people accountable for their decisions and it should be based on the constitution of the united states. >> bill: you are supporting gingrich. >> i like the idea of it there is a legal precedent to establish the ability to do so much doesn't mean he couldn't try to take and it up to the court. >> bill: do you support or not support. >> i think it's taking it a step too far. i do believe there is a problem with respect to some of the federal judges. and we have the seen the
2:50 am
circuit judges as well that appear to engage in political activism that is not -- one solution is what the speaker has offered which i do think is innovative. controversial and legal question as to whether or not it violates the separation of power hard to compel a judge. >> and then you would have to then file contempt and seek to, what? put the judge in jail in that's a problem. >> he talked about the federal marshals coming and getting judges because you don't like their opinions? you can't do that. >> the supreme court would never allow that. >> they should be accountable for their opinions. >> bill: everybody should have pixie dust. >> whatever that is. >> bill: in massachusetts a suburb working class on route 1 for 50 years the fire department has been going to the local public schools and giving the kids who don't have a lot of money stuff. all right? and, of course, one of them is dressed like santa claus. listen to this pinhead, the superintendent of the saga school district who banned or tried to ban santa.
2:51 am
go. >> certainly everyone acknowledges their holiday in the special way that they want. but there is a conflict between the church and the state in that regard when it's specific only to one religion. >> bill: is he such an idiot. santa claus is a secular figure, correct? >> long standing u.s. supreme court case law on this. analysis of it. >> bill: santa is secular. reindeers are secular. frosty the snowman. madonna singing santa baby. secular. >> questionable secular. >> bill: mrs. clause. >> very secular. >> hot chocolate leaving for santa what's wrong with this idiot? i know what's wrong with him. >> back tacked within 24 hours oops. >> people surrounded his house
2:52 am
this guy seriously had an issue. he wanted to be on the factor. >> wanted to be on the factor. he needs a better hair cut. he wants to be on the program. >> yeah. >> come your hair. >> you are the superintendent? what's going on. >> firefighters volunteering to do this, no protests anywhere for 49 years. santa is back. >> bill: they are going to review santa. >> yeah. because of policy. the school policy. >> bill: school policy. >> where do i sign up to get firemen dressed as santa to come see me. >> bill: made a very bad mistake. i think he made a very very bad mistake. [ laughter ] look, you guys, guilfoyle's body guards forget it pinheads and patriots on deck. a verbal brawl between alonzo and sean penn. don't miss this one. p and p moments away.
2:53 am
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>> bill: pinheads in a moment verbal brawl between two actors. some of you are in big trouble. you have not fulfilled your christmas gift list. if you buy a membership you get the confirmation instantly you can give to any factor fan or if you don't like somebody -- all right. you get a free copy of my book and if you pay the overnight possible average, you'll have it
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in time for christmas. same thing with the gift. we can get it on the front at you have a choice. be scorned on christmas morning or be lionized. >> now the factor. charlie moose. >> bill: did you want me to give him a big hug, colleen?
2:56 am
>> bill: it all depends on where you come from marcus and i'm not talking agreeing on graph. >> bill: i sent out the word for you, tim. the february 3rd show in dur ham is just me, no miller. same thing for the march 11 show in tampa and march 12 in names florida. the only one with miller is santa barbara. all the things under our
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website. february 25th. what did i say? >> bill: i would like to wish all our viewers all over the world a great christmas. i hope you are generous to others. i hope you personally get what you want. pinheads and patriots, as you know, sean penn is big supporter of hugo chavez. alopzo that once starred despises chavez because she was raised there. recently the two ran into each other at the airport and brawl broke out. >> you are in favor are hugo chavez and mahmoud ahmadinejad. i never said that about mahmoud ahmadinejad.
2:58 am
>> bill: indeed. chavez very bad guy and ultimate pinhead. we believe miss alonso and mr. penn is remains a pinhead. please check out our website which is derived, talking points memo is not there tonight but we'll remind you the entire bill clinton interview on also we would like you to spout out about the actor anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, do not be loathesome. it sounds like what it is. do not be loathsomo.
2:59 am
i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for >> good morning, everyone. you made it to the middle of the week. it is wednesday, december 21st. i'm gretchen carlson. the president interrupting a press conference to demand action on the payroll tax but members of congress might pack their bags and walk! so where do we stand on things right now? we're live in washington, d.c. to try to explain it all. >> meanwhile, the king of conservatives reportedly asked michelle bachmann to quit the race for the white house. will she back down? her reaction, we got it live coming up today. >> it's a tale that's been passed down for generations. santa and the elves making toys out of the north pole mostly out of wood. the government steps in. bob newhart was a member of that great movie when he was a


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